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Secure your premises with TVDigital Quality CCTV surveillance system.

Proven to be one of the most valuable loss Prevention, safety, security and management Tools today.

TVDigital surveillance systems can help you:

Monitor your premises anytime from anywhere in the world using Internet, cellular phone, handheld wireless devices or the ordinary phone lines
Digitally observe and record any event
Monitor and control all electronic systems and machines, e.g. point of sale, lights, doors, alarms
Investigate incidents, retrieve and playback events by any time, date or location
Perform virtual patrols from anywhere using the Internet
Intervene and assist in real time when an event occurs
Provide 24/7 protection for your facility

System Packages  

Black and White or color Single Camera

Video or 120GB Hard drive recording, single channel monitor systems

System features

Single Channel
Supports up to 120 GB
Record speed of up to 60 ips (NTSC); 50 ips (PAL)
Playback speed from 1/32X to 32X
Real-time operating system for reliable 24/7 operation
VCR replacement - works with most multiplexers
Search by time and date, last record, full clip or alarm list

Color Pro up to 16 Cameras

80GB Hard drive recording up to 16 channels available, monitor or LCD screen system

System features

Records up to 50 images per second globally (PAL)
Composite or S-VHS input and output connections
Removable hard disk drive
Menu systems in multiple languages
Live or record video access via Ethernet or external modem (AHDR1X only)
Video archiving via USB interface to external HDD
Duplex capability - recording continues while playback is being viewed.
NTSC and PAL compatible
Flexible record modes based on time-lapse, event and scheduler
Audio recording and playback

Color Pro Multi-Media Linked

Unlimited Hard drive recording up to 16 cameras with LAN and Internet options

System features

Backward compatible with all previous generations of Rapid Eye Multi and Multi-Media RU's
VxWorks™ - a secure, stable and multi-tasking real-time operating system (RU)
Authenticated proprietary file format (REM) for integrity of evidence
Administrators - definable user names and privileges, featuring encrypted password protection
Live monitoring and surveillance of multiple remote locations simultaneously via LAN/WAN or Dial-Up connections
Multiple users can simultaneously access same site for live and/or recorded information
RapidSearch™ events by Motion, Time/Date making playback of recorded Video, Audio and
Data quick and easy
Extremely flexible communication options include LAN,WAN, Internet and PSTN
Easy integration with existing or new CCTV equipment
Serial port connection to ATM and POS devices

Customer Specific Systems

We have the technical knowledge and experience necessary to supply and install any specific
system for Domestic, Commercial or Industrial application, including Alarm and CCTV Integrated Systems.

For all Alarm and CCTV enquiries please contact us.




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