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Home Theatre Sydney - Dial A Dish
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Home Theatre Sydney - Dial A Dish
Home Theatre Sydney - Dial A DishBefore investing in your new Home Theatre System always consult the person or company experienced in the field of Audio and Video Installations. In most cases where products are purchased at random and without brand compliancy, the system integration does not function to optimum capacity.

Avoid all integration and compliancy issues with a TVDigital Designed, Supplied and Installed Home Theatre System. By using a wide range of Quality Products respective to the customers budget, our systems always result in Crystal Clear Picture, with up to 7.1 channel Digital Surround Sound.

Home Theatre Sydney - Dial A Dish
For system information or to obtain a quotation please contact us
Home Theatre Sydney - Dial A Dish
Home Theatre Sydney - Dial A Dish

Before You Buy

Before you buy any product for your new Surround Sound Home Theatre system prior to talking to us, You must firstly consider a few important issues which will ensure a perfect system.

The size and location of the Home Theatre room is very important. If the room is small you should Not install a Projector; a large Widescreen or Plasma would be the better option.

Where is the room located?

Is it near a busy road or has a lot of outside noise entering?

Are your neighbours beside you or below you going to be affected by the powerful subwoofer?

Will you be watching sports or movies?

Will you be watching during the day or at night?

These issues and more must be addressed before a Home Theatre installation as they all affect the overall Outcome of picture and sound quality.

The most important aspect of a home theatre installation is product choice. To achieve perfect picture and perfect sound you must install a quality system. This includes the main Amplifier which should be able to support both Video and Audio including Component in and out and S-Video Inputs. The surround speakers system must also be of good quality and should be purchased as a complete package with the main amplifier.

We have seen it happen all too often, where individuals purchase different non compliant brands over a stretch of time, resulting in the mismatch of the Audio systems, this affects the overall strength and performance of the surround sound system.

Avoid all issues and let TVDigital design, supply and install your new system contact us

Home Theatre Packages


42'' Humax Plasma With built-in HD Tuner

A Typical Quality Home Theatre package from TVDigital consists of a Video Audio Pro Amplifier, up to 7.1 Channel Pure Surround sound, HD Digital Set Top Box, DVD Player, VCR (if desired), and most importantly the Visual aspect either a Projector, Plasma with built-in HD tuner or a LCD Screen. The size of the TV is determined by the size of the theatre room and customer requirements.

Your new Superb Home Theatre package will be Professionally Installed by Experienced TVDigital Technicians. All Installations are guaranteed to exceed customer expectations and prove to deliver a lifetime of family Joy.


Customer Specific Packages are our specialty, whether it's for a Domestic home theatre room or a Commercial application like Boardroom theatres, Hotels, Clubs or Pubs. We Design, Supply and install specific systems to any customers needs. This complete process ensures optimum gain out of the system and It's location.

For all Design, Supply or Installation enquiries contact us

Home Theatre System Setup


Having trouble setting up your new or existing Audio Video system, do you need help? Try our Helpful Links; there is a lot of information that can help you. If you need further help or you want the job done professionally then just call us and our trained Technicians will setup your Audio Video system today, perfectly. We can integrate all systems including Foxtel, DVD, VCR, Digital Terrestrial, or International Satellite TV with any Plasma, LCD, Projector or standard TV for Domestic, Strata and Commercial applications.

Home Theatre New Products

Touch screen Universal Remote Control

Easily program up to 8 devices, which can be easily programmed with 2 pages of functions for each device. These are fantastic when you get to the stage where you know that you have too many remote controls for your home theatre.

Just $199
incl GST

To add to your current system contact us

Wireless Remote Sender

Used to send a remote control signal wireless up to 35 meters. Great with any output from a STB to the main TV signal distribution system. This allows you to watch, listen and have the ability to change channels of a particular service. You can add multiple Transmitters and connect multiple rooms to the one receiving unit with a wireless remote system.

Just $109 incl GST
To have these options and many more Professionally Installed at your premises, please Contact us


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