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Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish
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TV Antenna Services Sydney

TVDigital provide high quality Service & Installation in all Digital and Analogue TV Antenna systems in Sydney.

Our Professional TV Antenna and MATV services cover the entire Sydney region and all Transmitters, for Domestic, Strata and Commercial applications.

TV Antenna Service & Installation

Digital STB
High Mast System

We Supply and Install quality Digital and Analogue TV Antenna systems. Our experienced technicians are specialists in digital solutions for bad analogue reception areas.

Every TVDigital Antenna installation includes an obligation free site survey and an on the spot quotation or depending on your area a quotation can be arranged over the phone or via email.

TV Antenna systems may vary depending on the property location, number of outlets and other technical issues. Our specific system design ensures maximum picture quality and optimum system distribution and is guaranteed to exceed customer specifications and expectations.

All installed systems are Digital Ready, meaning at any time you can plug in a digital Set top box and receive perfect digital reception. The digital signal is always tested by our trained technicians and demonstrated to the customer.

Depending on your location, all these high quality digital channels and many more may be available

Local Knowledge

Local transmitter knowledge is an essential part of any successful TV Antenna installation. Our trained technicians have vast technical experience servicing the areas surrounding The following transmitter sites

Digital and Analogue

Sydney (Artarmon) UHF/VHF Horizontal
Kings Cross UHF Horizontal
North Head UHF Horizontal
Gosford UHF Horizontal
Bouddi UHF Vertical
Wyrrabalong (Wyong) UHF Vertical
Mt Sugarloaf UHF/VHF Horizontal
Knights Hill (Illawarra) UHF Horizontal
Stanwell Park (Bowral) UHF Horizontal
Brokers Nose (Wollongong) UHF/VHF Horizontal

Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish

For Transmitter Frequencies and channel numbers click here

The right type of TV antenna must be used to receive maximum signal strength and picture clarity. The co-axle cable to the TV or STB must be RG6 Quad shield to ensure minimum loses and maximum shielding. These are two examples of many issues which must be considered prior to installation.

Try our helpful links for handy hints and solutions to common TV antenna issues.

To avoid all issues and let TVDigital install your new TV Antenna system contact us.

Fault Detection

Professional cost effective solutions to all faults including grainy pictures, interference and ghosting.

Our highly experienced technicians use the latest in digital testing equipment to find faults in any existing system.

If you think your system needs some attention and you would like a professional opinion contact us

Additional TV Antenna Outlets

Add more outlets to your existing system

Quality splitter systems with minimum signal loss

Short and long cable runs using RG6 and RG11 cable sizes

Distribution system assessment prior to work commencement

Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish MATV (Master Antenna)

We are proud and renowned for our high quality MATV system Design and Installation. From simple Domestic Smart Systems, to complex Strata and Commercial Channelised Headend Distribution Systems.

Channelised Headend
Distribution System

Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish

Strata and Commercial

Specialists in complete MATV system design, installation and maintenance for strata and commercial applications.

TV Antenna and Satellite TV integration like SKY, FOX, Keno and Giddy Up

Digital and analogue Channelised Headend systems, with set top box integration.

Strata unit blocks, Commercial Pubs, Clubs and Hotels. Multi room systems fully designed and installed. Stable channel distribution and In-house integration, Racking and cabinet based systems.

Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish Channelised Headend
Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish
Combining Distributor
Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish
16-Way Distributor
VGA Distributor


TV Antenna Products

Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish All Products supplied by TVDigital are guaranteed to be of the Highest Quality and our entire range of are thoroughly tested and Quality assured Prior to sale or installation. We cover a vast range of Quality TV Antenna products all at highly competitive prices. Supported with years of technical experience and on field research we offer all our customers the best products for any Domestic, Strata or Commercial application
Satellite TV Antenna Sydney - Dial A Dish



42'' High Definition

TV Tuner



Humax F2-1010T Standard Definition

Humax PVR 8000T Standard Definition PVR

Humax HD7000 High Definition




Ellies 37 Element gain 13db

Hills 43 Element High Gain channels 21-69 gain 14db

Match MasterPro High Gain channels 21-69 gain 15db

Hills 90 Element High Gain channels 21-69 gain 16db

UHF Phased Array

Mini Hunter CKD gain 9db F-Type

Ultimax 36 Pro gain 16db

VHF   F-Type

Match Master 8 Element channels 2-12  gain 7-11db

Hills DL3 13 Element 2-12 gain 15db

Hills DL4 17 Element 2-12 gain 17db

VHF/UHF Combination   F-Type

Hills 300 2-12V 6-69 U 

Hills 400 2-12V 6-69 U High Gain

Hills 600 2-12V 6-69 U High Gain

Hills 900 2-12V 6-69 U Super High Gain

Matchmaster 01MM-DG27 6-12V 28-69 U High Gain



Johansson Separate Band channels

Kingray 34db VHF/UHF + Sep

Kingray 34db UHF only

Power Supply 18V 300MA



Hills 2way Splitter Amplifier 16db

Hills Maxilink 36db

Kingray 42db



Hills UHF only Stereo

Hills VHF only Stereo

Kingray UHF only Stereo

Kingray VHF only Stereo



Ku-Band Satellite Finder with Tone

Economy Signal Level Meter


Pro UHF VHF and Satellite Indicator Field Strength Meter

Pro UHF VHF and Satellite Field Strength Meter with B&W TV & Spectrum

13.5 Volt 1750mA DC Power Pack



1.5m Galvo Fascia Mount

1.8m Galvo Fascia Mount

2.4m Galvo Fascia Mount

32mm Galvo Rod per meter

Eave Mount 686mm

V Block Offset

U Bolt Brackets

Lead Flashing Kit



Splitter 2-way 5-900MHz

Splitter 3-way 5-900MHz

Splitter 4-way 5-900MHz

Splitter 6-way 5-900MHZ

Diplex/Sep VHF + UHF



Attenuators PAL & F-Type 3db, 6db, 12db, 18db

Adaptors - All Available PAL and F-Type

PAL Crimp Male or Female Connectors

F-Type 75 Ohm termination Screw Connectors

F-Type 75 Ohm termination Crimp Connectors

F-Type 75 Ohm termination Compression Connectors



Single F-Type to F-Type Wall Plate

Single F-Type to PAL Wall Plate

Twin F-Type and PAL Wall Plate

Single Skirting board F-Type or PAL

Double F-Type and PAL Skirting board



RG6 Quad shield

Audio Video

Speaker Cable 40 Strand

Actuator Control Cable



PAL to PAL black RG59 1.5m, 3.0m, 10m or 15m length

3RCA to 3RCA moulded lead 1.5m, 3.0m, 10m or 15m length

Scart to Scart moulded lead 1.5m

Scart to 3RCA moulded lead 1.5m

RGB Component Gold Plated Metal Plugs 1.5m

S Video RCA audio To S Video RCA audio

Scart to RCA/Svideo, Input/Output Switch

SVHS Plug To RCA Input



Infra Red Remote Sender

Universal Touch Screen Remote

Wall Brackets Surround Light Duty Black or White

Wall Brackets Surround Heavy Duty Black or White

RCA Audio/Video 3 Input Manual Switch

RCA Audio only 3 Input Manual Switch

Amalgamation Tape Nitto 10m

Crimping Tool .359 & .324 Jaws

Compression Tool

Cable Stripper

Cable Cutters

Cable Ties 100Pk

Cable Clips 6mm Round 100Pk

Conduit 20mm MD 4 metre length

Conduit 20mm Rectangle Clip face 4 metre length

Solid Elbows 20mm

Conduit Clips 20mm

For Commercial or unlisted TV antenna products please contact us

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